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Welcome! This websites will be mostly about animals and what types of animals I like. Also, I will show some funny clips like animals and facts about them. Hope you enjoy.:)

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Sloths are one of the slowest animal in the world as you can see in the clip above. They react really slow. They are mammals and make good habit for other organisms. Some bug lives on the sloths like moths, beetles, and roaches. Aside from their being really slow, they are surprising increase speed during flights from predators, other traits from sloths is that their strong body host symbiotic algae on their furs. Sloths go to the ground to do they business about once a week, they dig a hole and covering it after when they are done doing there business. If they go to the same spot each time, they are vulnerable by other animals. They are two different types of sloths, The first one is Three toed and the other one is two toed. Three-toed sloths are tree-dwelling, with thier body being use to hang by their hand or feet. They live high in the tree so animal down below can't get them, but descend once a week to defecate on the forest floor.
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Cats are pretty funny in my opition, Some cats are really stranage like the clip above. But some cat are normal and some are clumsy. But aside from that cat are really interesting in my opition. A normal cats sleep 12-16 hour a day and a cat can jump really high if there are healthy. Unlike human, cats sweat through its paws and cat greet eachother by touching eachother by the nose. If a cat falls 5 stories high, it's a 90% survival changes. The cat's whiskers is not for the looks but it's use for detects things in the dark like during the night. Also, a average cat can run up to 30 mile per hour. And a adult cat have the some amount of teeth of an average human. The way you can tell if they are happy, it's when they knead with their paws. And finally, a average cat can live up to 12 to 15 years.
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Have you ever play sonic? Do you know what animal is he? Well guess what? Sonic is actually a hedgehog if you don't know. Their eyesight is poor and they depends on smelling and hearing. They have 5,000 spikes or quills to protect themself. Their favortie food is small creature and bugs such as worms, centipedes, snails, mice, frogs, and snakes. For their size hedgehogs have a long lifespan. They live for 4 to 7 years in the wild and longer in captivity. If hedgehog come contact with a human, there pass on infections and diseases so be careful. And if your planning to have two hedgehog, don't put them in the same cage since there won't like eachother and they can fight so don't get two otherwise you have to buy two cages.
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This bunny in this clip is funny. Silly bunny, Trix is for kids. But annyway, Bunnies and rabbits are the same animals, there's no different. But I think their are cute, funny and really fast. Male rabbits are consider as "buck and the females rabbit are consider as "does". I know that sounds werid but that actaully true. And the best part is if their are babys, it called kitten or kit. And you well no see bunny alone since they lives in group. If you intrude their spots, there get mad and grumpy and will grunt at you so you know to back off, but if you just continue to intrude, they will attack you. If you left an baby bunny alone outside, their are in danger by predators and will try to eat the baby bunny. If you planning to buy or own a bunny, please know it's better for the bunny to be outside with alots of space instead of being in a cage and let it be bored.
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